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Racketeering laws were designed to increase the penalties of crimes committed by criminal organizations such as mafia or organized crime. If accused of racketeering, it is a serious offense and is often combined with other charges such as mail fraud, money laundering or others to increase the penalty and the likelihood of getting a conviction. Racketeering can include many different offenses. Often, the penalties imposed can be increased if the defendant can be found to have been involved in at least two offenses of criminal enterprise over a period of time.

Examples of criminal enterprises are: any type of fraud, bribery, robbery or theft, counterfeiting, money laundering, murder (for financial gain) and so on. The penalties are harsh with these charges and involve local and federal offices. The fines can be up to $25,000 and up to 20 years in prison.

The earlier you consult a Gainesville white collar crime attorney, the better your chances are in starting out with the highest level of protection for you.

At Kinsell Law Firm, our attorneys hold over 20 years of experience in criminal matters. These types of charges are very serious. If you are contacted by any federal law enforcement, it is vital that you contact a highly experienced professional team to represent your side and uphold and defend your rights. Even if you plan to fully cooperate with the federal agents, contacting an attorney that will protect your rights throughout the process is an urgent matter. Negotiations could take place regarding fair plea agreement in some cases. Our goal is to fight for every advantage for our client, both in and out of court.

Contact a Gainesville white collar crime lawyer. Our legal team can provide the guidance and legal support you'll need to protect your rights.

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