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Gainesville Embezzlement Attorney

Are you facing embezzlement charges?

Embezzlement concerns the misappropriation of funds or goods that has been entrusted to one. The most common examples have to do with employees stealing from their employer. An employee could be taking money from the till or selling himself merchandise at discounted prices. Other examples of embezzlement include a business partner looting the funds of the business leaving his partner with a bankrupt business. A caretaker entrusted with the care of an elderly person may secret away the money and jewelry of his charge.

The penalties for embezzlement vary according to the seriousness of the theft. However it can be expected that person convicted will need to pay back what he has taken, pay a fine and serve a prison sentence or do probation depending on seriousness of the crime. The person will also have a mark on his record impacting future employment and licensing.

If you are facing such charges, you may greatly improve your chances of gaining dismissal or reduction of charges by contacting a Gainesville white collar crime attorney proficient in embezzlement defense.

Skilled Embezzlement Lawyer in Gainesville

If you are facing embezzlement charges in Gainesville, Florida, we invite you to contact us at Kinsell Law Firm. We are a seasoned embezzlement firm in the area dedicated to giving you the aggressive representation you need. Our embezzlement attorneys have over 20 years of criminal defense experience and are adept in embezzlement defense. Knowing what you are up against we are relentless in seeking the dismissal or reduction of your charges. We also pride ourselves on tireless case preparation so if your case goes to trial we are ready.

Case Preparation

We will interview you to learn all about your case. Then we review the evidence and contact witnesses. We employ motions to suppress evidence, expert witnesses, and laboratory tests as appropriate. At trial we are alert for the state's tricks and ready to counter. When it comes to putting on your case presentation, we are prepared to be polished and compelling.

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