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Drug Smuggling Defense Lawyer in Gainesville

About Drug Smuggling

With a great deal of illegal drugs being grown and cultivated across our border to the south, there is a persistently serious problem with drug smuggling in the United States. The trafficking of drugs across international borders is a federal offense and conviction on such a charge brings with it prosecution in a federal court and mandatory sentencing requirements. If you are facing drug smuggling charges, the help of an exemplary Gainesville drug crimes lawyer is available to you. Remain calm, do not make any statements, and call a lawyer immediately.

Without the smuggling of product into the country, there would be a significantly smaller drug problem in the U.S. For this reason, smugglers are diligently sniffed out by border and customs agents and vigorously pursued by prosecutors. Smuggling can involve both the transport of the drugs themselves across the border or any activity related to that, such as stealthy surveillance work by people seeking soft points in border security.

Sadly, many innocent people are arrested on drug smuggling charges each year, embarking upon a business or pleasure visit to another country, having illegal narcotics placed in their vehicle or on their person unbeknownst to them, and being snatched up in a nightmare when they attempt to reenter the country. These "blind mules" have no idea they are being used as an unwitting pawn by drug traffickers.

Gainesville Drug Crimes Lawyer

Although drug smuggling is a very serious charge, you can mount a strong defense with the help of an excellent legal firm. We at Kinsell Law Firm believe it is the right of every person to a strong legal advocacy and protection of their rights. Our team will work to investigate every detail in your case, leaving no stone unturned in our effort to seek a positive outcome.

We understand you are afraid and deeply worried. Contact a Gainesville drug smuggling defense attorney today for caring and experienced attention to your legal matters.

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