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Drug Trafficking Defense Attorney in Gainesville

Drug Trafficking

If you are facing drug trafficking charges in Florida, you could be subject to severe mandatory minimum sentencing if you are convicted. These charges are extremely serious and you should move quickly to hire an outstanding Gainesville drug crimes lawyer. Drug trafficking, regardless of the circumstances surrounding the crime, is prosecuted as a felony and the prison terms can range from a minimum of 3 years to life imprisonment. Because of strict state and federal laws, there is little to no room for leeway or discretion in these sentences.

Drug trafficking can be defined as the sale, manufacture, delivery or possession of illegal drugs over a certain amount. Many times these offenses include the crossing of state lines, which makes the crime prosecutable in federal court. Law enforcement officers will use varying tactics to track down and arrest drug traffickers, but you have important rights that they are not allowed to violate.

An excellent legal team can overturn discrepancies and illegalities in a drug trafficking investigation, ensuring that your cherished constitutional rights are not steamrolled in an effort to make a big arrest.

Gainesville Drug Crimes Lawyer

If you or a loved one has been arrested on a drug trafficking charge, you should consider them some of the most serious drug crimes in the eyes of police and prosecution. You should research your choice of law firm carefully, as many a criminal defense attorney has experience with simpler drug charges but few have the capabilities to successfully defend against more serious drug offenses. At Kinsell Law Firm, our team's ability to provide a tenacious advocacy both behind the scenes and in the court room can put you in a better position for a positive outcome.

You can put your trust in our firm to provide caring and quality legal counsel. Contact a Gainesville Drug Trafficking Defense Attorney today who is ready to fight for you.

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