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Crystal Meth

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Crystal Meth Drug Crimes in Gainesville

About Crystal Meth

Crystal meth is a stimulant known as methamphetamine. It is a strong narcotic drug that can be very addictive. It has become a very popular drug, with many small meth labs manufacturing it in rural areas or even in residential locations. Due to its popularity, law enforcement in Florida has stepped up investigation and prosecution for those arrested for possession of crystal meth.

If you or someone you know has been arrested on a crystal meth charge, contact a Gainesville drug crime lawyer from Kinsell Law Firm to protect your rights.

Because it has become such a popular drug and is relatively inexpensive to make, Florida has seen a large increase in drug related crimes. As a result, law enforcement authorities take active steps to locate and arrest those who may be involved with this drug. You will need an aggressive and competent drug crimes lawyer to help you fight your charges.

Penalties for Crystal Meth Conviction

The penalties for a crystal meth conviction can be severe. Being caught with even 5 grams of meth will result in a 5 year minimum mandatory prison sentence for those convicted. For those who are caught with over 50 grams and are charged with selling or distributing, a prison sentence from 10 years to life could ensue. Fines can be harsh, depending on how much of the drug was in possession, but can be as high as one million dollars.

A charge of this type is nothing to take lightly. It is imperative to choose an attorney who has the experience our office can bring. Having been former prosecutors, our legal team has a keen insight into how the prosecution will present your case and can take the necessary actions to provide you with a strong defense. Contact our office immediately, as time is of the essence in fighting this serious a charge.

Contact a Gainesville drug crimes attorney right away if you have been charged with possession of crystal meth.

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