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Money Laundering

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Gainesville Money Laundering Cases

Gainesville Money Laundering Defense Lawyer

Money Laundering is a type of white collar crime and is when an individual, group or entity hides income from illegal activities or enterprises. The intent is to conceal the money while still keeping it accessible, but not reportable to government agencies such as the IRS. In many cases this criminal offense is related to the action of making income appear to be justifiably earned by claiming it is income from a legitimate enterprise.

Examples of the funds coming from illegal activities are narcotics trafficking, smuggling, illegal firearms trafficking, counterfeiting and other criminal activities. In any accusation of money laundering, it is vital that you act quickly in contacting a Gainesville white collar crime lawyer from our firm.

Defending Money Laundering Charges in Gainesville

It is common to have the money laundering charges in addition to several other criminal charges such as the illegal activity that generated the money itself and tax evasion for not reporting the income and paying taxes on it. This gives the federal prosecutors more than one avenue of charges to gain a guilty plea from you for at least some of the charges.

The high-stake penalties for these crimes are severe. Because we are dealing with federal prosecutors, they tend to push for the maximum penalty for the crime. If convicted of money laundering, the sentence could be $500,000, or twice the value of the property involved as well as a sentence of no more than 20 years in prison.

These cases are complex and make the need for experienced legal professionals critical. It is important to contact an attorney to determine your legal options and direction that is in your best interests. The sooner you contact a Gainesville white collar crime lawyer the more likely you will have a strong defense and a better case outcome.

Contact a Gainesville white collar crime lawyer at Kinsell Law Firm immediately upon being investigated or charged with money laundering.

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