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Criminal Defense

"You Are Innocent Until Proven Guilty"

Defense for the Criminally Charged in Gainesville

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This is a stressful time in your life. You are facing a criminal charge with the full force of the government aligned against you. Your rights, your freedom, your career and your reputation are on the line. But even though the circumstances of the matter are important, the major factor in the outcome of your case is the dedication, competence, and coolness under fire of your attorney. Kinsell Law Firm can provide this for your case.

Why Choose Our Criminal Defense Lawyers?

  • 20+ years of criminal law experience
  • We have a recognized record of success
  • Our guiding principle is that you are innocent until proven guilty
  • We believe that our duty is to relentlessly defend your innocence

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Arrested? Get an aggressive legal advocate on your side!

At Kinsell Law Firm, we serve the Gainesville, Florida area with forceful defense against criminal charges. When you retain us, we do everything we can to learn about your case. If there is a confession, we scrutinize the circumstances, building a case to throw it out. We interview witnesses, examine the evidence, order lab tests, and consult expert witnesses as needed. We research the law and prepare diligently for trial.

In court, our lawyers strenuously object to prejudicial tricks and strategies by state attorneys, and we insist that you receive a fair trial. We craft your case with the goal to present your side of the story convincingly in order to achieve your acquittal. At all points in the process, we seek occasions to press for dismissal or reduction of the charges against you. Our attorneys have considerable experience across the field of criminal law defense.

Call a criminal lawyer in Gainesville!

We urge you to speak with a criminal defense attorney at the firm about your case. The consultation is confidential. You will learn what to expect and how we may help you. Do not delay. There is much to do, and acting quickly can increase the chances of a positive outcome.

Reach a Gainesville criminal defense attorney at (352) 375-6229 for a confidential consultation.

You Need An Experienced Attorney On Your Side

See Why Attorney Miles Kinsell Is The Clear Choice
  • Member of the National Trial Lawyers - Top 100 Trial Lawyers
  • Over 20 Years of Experience and a Recognized Record of Success
  • Licensed to Practice in Florida State and Federal Courts
  • Thousands of Cases Handled as a Former State Prosecutor