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Gainesville Manslaughter Defense Attorney

Types of Charges

When someone dies as a result of another's actions, manslaughter is the legal term applied. The charge may be one of two types: voluntary or involuntary. Voluntary manslaughter is the intentional killing of another person without having a prior notion to do so.

This category is often described as a "crime of passion" committed in the heat of the moment. Involuntary manslaughter refers to the unintended killing of another, usually resulting from a reckless, careless, negligent act. For example, a person who drives under the influence of alcohol then causes an accident which subsequently kills another, the involuntary manslaughter charge may apply.

Many times there is a fine line between manslaughter and murder. The main difference is intent. The other is premeditation. Being charged with manslaughter is extremely serious and requires immediate legal attention. Seeking the advice and skilled representation of a Gainesville criminal defense lawyer may provide you with the legal experience you need.

Anyone accused or charged with manslaughter has the right to present their defense in a court of law. Having an experienced trial lawyer may facilitate a strong defense and hopes for a more positive outcome. Florida allows for a maximum sentence of life in prison for manslaughter.

This potential punishment cannot be taken lightly. Special circumstances, relevant facts and mishandled procedures all contribute to the strength of your defense. A knowledgeable attorney will fully utilize any and all strategies and evidence to properly defend your case in court.

Manslaughter Defense Lawyer in Gainesville

Kinsell Law Firm approaches every case with respect and consideration of the fact that it is not exactly like every other case. We understand the magnitude of the charges. Your future is at stake. You deserve the chance to have your charges lowered or dropped, depending on the specific nature of your case. We are diligent in reviewing the details of your case and help you evaluate your options.

Our job includes helping you make an informed decision and determining the best course of action. Contact a Gainesville manslaughter attorney in our firm today. We may be able to help.

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