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Sex Crimes

"You Are Innocent Until Proven Guilty"

Gainesville Sex Crimes Attorney

Defense Against Your Sex Crime Charges

"Sex crime" is a generic term applied to any crime involving a sexual act, such as rape, molestation, sexual abuse, sexual battery, sexual harassment, indecent exposure, solicitation, prostitution, lewd conduct and child pornography. It is a wide net and all states, including Florida, have severe penalties placed on any sex crime conviction.

Being accused alone can be devastating and forever label you socially as a "deviant", whether you actually did the crime or not. Being routed into the justice system for a sex crime can be a humiliating and degrading experience as little compassion is given to sex offenders.

Seeking competent legal counsel from a Gainesville criminal defense attorney demands your urgent attention. If you or a loved one has been accused and not yet charged, professional legal assistance is vital.

Why You Need an Experienced Criminal Defense Attorney

As each particular crime has its own level of complication and complexity, a skilled criminal defense lawyer will be able to effectively review and evaluate the specifics of your sex crimes case. Testimony from witnesses and evidence collected -- from both the scene of the crime and from the identified victim -- must follow strict protocol. Any break or disregard of these procedures is a violation against your constitutional rights.

When you are facing a sex crime accusation or charge, you are facing the potential lifetime requirement to register as a sex offender. There are other severe penalties including significant fines and jail time. Many innocent people are accused, charged and convicted of sex crimes they did not commit.

Aggressive and effective legal representation may be the difference between a solid defense and a weak attempt at fighting the criminal charges. You and your loved ones have too much to lose. A criminal charge and potential conviction impacts not only you, but your family, your church, your business and your community.

Under investigation for sexual assault in Gainesville?

Kinsell Law Firm understands the situation you are up against. The consequences are great. We stand by you and present a vigorous defense on your behalf. You deserve the opportunity to defend yourself. The law provides you with that right. We do everything we can within the structure of the law to preserve and protect your rights.

Contact a Gainesville sex crime attorney in our criminal defense law firm today and begin the process of establishing a strong and effective defense.

You Need An Experienced Attorney On Your Side

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