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Drivers License Suspension

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Drivers' License Suspension

Gainesville DUI Defense Attorney

When someone has been arrested for DUI, the officer will take away the driver's license. If convicted for the first time, the individual will have their license suspended or revoked for anything from 180 days up to 3 years depending on various factors, including whether there was a serious injury accident connected to the initial arrest. If you have had your license revoked or suspended because of a DUI, it is important that you do not operate your vehicle without a license but get the help of a Gainesville DUI defense lawyer who may be able to help you get a hardship license.

When a license is reinstated, regardless of whether it is a hardship license or a full license, there are several steps and requirements which must be complied with. For example, there is an examination and fees which must be paid. Depending on the time of the DUI conviction, there may also be proof of insurance required.

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Repeat convictions increase the severity of penalties and the requirements to reinstate one's license, such as a second conviction with 5 years can revoke one's license for 5 years. A hardship license can only be applied for after serving one year. DUI school, treatment if referred by the court and a recommendation from the Special Supervision Services Program for a hardship license are also required.

Proof of specific insurance coverage is also a must for any license restoration after a DUI conviction. 3rd conviction, if within 10 years, will result in a 10 year license revocation, DUI manslaughter results in a permanent driver's license revocation with only the possibility of a hardship license.

Regardless of your circumstances, if you are currently without a valid license because of a DUI conviction of any kind, you may contact our offices for consultation. We are aggressive and honest and will pursue any and all avenues of the law to help clients reinstate their license or get a hardship license where eligible.

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