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Cocaine: Possession & Trafficking

Gainesville Drug Crimes Lawyer

Cocaine is a very powerful, addictive drug. It is a stimulant that can be snorted through the nose, or dissolved in water and injected. Crack cocaine is the name given to the kind of cocaine that has been processed into a rock crystal which is heated to produce vapors that are then smoked. Being arrested for cocaine related crimes require representation of a highly experienced Gainesville drug crimes attorney who really understands the complexity and nuances of drug laws relating to cocaine.

Possession cases are complex because Florida differentiates between actual possession, which means you actually had the cocaine on you, and constructive possession, which means the accused person, has knowledge of the drug, and the ability to access it.

Trafficking cases can complex because, the prosecution must prove, beyond a reasonable doubt, that:

  • The substance was cocaine
  • The accused person knowingly sold, purchased, manufactured, delivered or brought it into Florida
  • He knew it was cocaine or a mixture of substances containing cocaine
  • It amounted to 28 grams or more

How a Tough Attorney Can Help Defend Your Case

Negotiation is often an important tool used in drug cases.

Some of the issues that we will negotiate on your behalf, especially in a possession case, case involve:

  • Plea bargaining which involves you completing certain actions that would prove to the court that your deserve a reduced sentence or charge
  • Avoiding a conviction through negotiation. This would keep your record clean and your driver's license would not be suspended for two years
  • Sealing your record. This would enable you to say you were never arrested or charged with the offense
  • Dismissal of the charges as the result of successful completion of a drug diversion program, which results in avoiding a felony conviction

Kinsell Law Firm has many years of expertise representing both cocaine possession and trafficking clients. Being former prosecutors gives them a definite edge that they will use to defend your legal rights.

Contact a Gainesville drug crimes attorney today to represent you if you have been arrested on cocaine charges.

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