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Wire Fraud

"You Are Innocent Until Proven Guilty"

About Wire Fraud Charges

Defending Cases of Wire Fraud in Gainesville

Wire fraud is a federal crime. It is the illegal use of interstate wire communications in carrying out a scheme to defraud. There can be accusations of devising a scheme to obtain money or property by false pretenses, promises or representation. With proper counsel, after a review of the evidence and an energetic defense, you increase the possibility of a not guilty verdict, reduced charges or your case being dismissed. If you have been arrested and charged with wire fraud, it is crucial that you act at once.

Wire fraud is considered a white collar crime and a serious federal offense. It is critical that you contact a Gainesville white collar crime lawyer at once if you are accused of wire fraud. The allegations are often part of another larger case and wire fraud is a minor part of the legal situation. In any federal crime charges, it is crucial that you act quickly with regard to seeking powerful legal counsel.

Gainesville Wire Fraud Defense Attorney

Kinsell Law Firm has over fifteen years of experience in white collar crime defense and is very experienced in defending cases in the Federal Court system. Our criminal defense attorneys are former state prosecutors and defense lawyers of the Eighth Judicial Circuit of Florida. We are members of the Florida Law Bar Association and the National Association of Criminal Defense Lawyers.

Our firm is well-respected throughout the legal community and offer aggressive and proven representation and dedication to our clients. With personal legal representation and full focus given to your individual case, you can increase the possibility of a favorable outcome on any charges of wire fraud.

If you have been charged with wire fraud, contact a Gainesville wire fraud defense lawyer today for a consultation.

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