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Breath & Blood Tests

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DUI Breath and Blood Tests

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Anyone who has been stopped because of being suspect of drunk driving may be put through a field sobriety test and then a breath and blood test. If blood alcohol concentration (BAC) is at 0.08 or higher, the individual will have been arrested. If this has happened to your or a loved one, getting into contact with a Gainesville DUI defense lawyer should be done as soon after arrest as possible.

A lawyer from Kinsell Law Firm is experienced and aggressive and will look at every possible way to legally defend your rights.

For example, it has been found that breath and blood tests can be in error with a higher alcohol level than is accurate. In such a case, the defendant may be able to have their charges completely dismissed or lessened.

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Like equipment of all other kinds, blood testing equipment is not perfectly accurate at all times. There is no equipment anywhere which is entirely without flaw. When someone is required to breathe into tester, it is supposed to register the blood alcohol concentration.

This type of test is not considered as reliable as a blood test, and the instruments require calibration frequently to give readings which are the closest to accurate. If the breathalyzer which was used at the time of your arrest malfunctioned due to lack of proper maintenance or for any other reason, it can therefore give wrong results.

There have even been cases where individuals were accused of driving drunk despite having no alcohol in their blood whatsoever. Thus, any and all tests done on you in relation to DUI charges must be investigated by your attorney to see if it can be challenged in the courtroom. Our team is experienced and tough and will take any inaccuracy to task on your behalf if appropriate to your defense in a DUI case.

Contact a Gainesville DUI Attorney for experienced and dedicated legal representation when you have been arrested for drunk driving.

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