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Gainesville Conspiracy Defense Lawyer

Are you charged with Conspiracy in Gainesville?

Conspiracy may be charged where two or more people agree on an illegal enterprise. These cases call for special expertise to defend against because the prosecutor may use evidence normally not admissible. For instance statements by a co-conspirator may be used against other. Also, crimes committed by the co-conspirator may be charged to other conspirators. The penalties for conspiracy depend on the offense that the group is conspiring to commit.

If you are facing a conspiracy charge, you need to act to protect your rights and freedom. You may considerably increase your chances of exoneration if you contact a Gainesville white collar crime lawyer skilled in conspiracy defense.

Superior Defense against Conspiracy Charges in Gainesville

At Kinsell Law Firm, we serve the Gainesville area with aggressive defense against conspiracy charges. Our conspiracy defense lawyers have over 20 years in criminal defense experience and are accomplished in peculiarities of conspiracy defense. We know that you face severe penalties if the case is not successfully resolved and so redouble our efforts to obtain dismissal or reduction of charges. We understand that you are going through an anxious time and do our utmost to provide a friendly and respectful environment. We also make it a point to stay in close communication with you throughout the case.

How we handle your case

We first interview you to learn everything we can about your case. We then examine the evidence that the government has against you. Where evidence has been obtained in violation of your rights, we make a motion to suppress the evidence. If a confession has been made, we investigate for grounds to exclude. While all the while being open to negotiation for dismissal of charges, we prepare diligently for trial. Our purpose is to ensure you receive a fair trial and to make a persuasive presentation to achieve your vindication.

Contact a Gainesville conspiracy defense attorney at the firm for a confidential evaluation of your case.

You Need An Experienced Attorney On Your Side

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