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Gainesville Burglary Lawyer

Need an attorney for a theft case in Gainesville?

Burglary involves the entry into another person's home for the purpose of committing a crime. Penalties range from probation to life depending on the circumstances. What you need to know is that you have legal rights and they must be defended. You also need to know that your future depends on the attorney you select.

While the circumstances of the offense are important, the senior factor in the outcome of a case is the defense attorney's competence, dedication and tenacity. It is vital that you contact a criminal defense attorney immediately to obtain the aggressive defense you need.

We at Kinsell Law Firm are dedicated to helping persons charged with Burglary in the Gainesville, Florida area. Our burglary defense attorneys have 20 or more years of experience and have represented innumerable persons criminally charged with diligence and effectiveness. We are well familiar with the laws and legal process of burglary and practiced in successfully defending our clients charged with the offense.

How We Help Our Burglary Clients

Our first task is to counsel with you and learn about your case. Then we make an energetic effort to locate all available evidence and interview all witnesses. If the state has violated your rights in searching your home or car improperly, we move to suppress the evidence obtained. We also investigate any confession or statements you may have made to assure that you were properly informed of your constitutional rights and the statements were not made under duress.

If the police overstepped, we file a motion to exclude the confession or statement. At trial we use our insight and experience with an aim of selecting a jury amenable to your case. Our objective will be to vigorously object to improper testimony and evidence offered by the state and to present your side of the story in the most advantageous manner possible. At all times our overriding purpose will be acquittal, dismissal or reduction of all charges.

Contact a Gainesville burglary attorney at the firm now to defend your rights.

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