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Bank Fraud

"You Are Innocent Until Proven Guilty"

Gainesville Bank Fraud Defense Attorney

Are you charged with Bank Fraud in Gainesville?

Bank fraud involves using deception to obtain money from a bank. It takes a variety of forms. Simple ways have to do with writing forged checks or using a credit card with a false identity. Another form is seeking a bank loan under false pretenses. In more complicated forms, groups can get together to falsely inflate the value of property to induce banks to extend mortgages.

This is a serious crime. It is a federal offense with penalties as high as 30 years in prison and fines of $1,000,000. Federal investigators commonly investigate to discover offenders and then bring the full force of the government into play to obtain maximum sentences. Your chances of getting a favorable result however can be greatly enhanced by employing strong and experienced legal representation. You are urged to contact a white collar crimes lawyer in Gainesville knowledgeable and practiced in bank fraud defense.

Experienced Bank Fraud Defense Lawyer in Gainesville

At Kinsell Law Firm, our legal team offers experienced defense against bank fraud charges to the people of Gainesville. Our litigators have over 20 years' experience in criminal defense and are accomplished in fighting bank fraud charges. We are committed to providing zealous advocacy and are practiced in negotiation for dismissal or reduction of charges. We make it a point to provide a friendly, professional and respectful environment for our clients and endeavor to stay in close communication with them at all points of the case.

We know that your freedom and reputation are on the line and so we take our job very seriously. We of course want to meet with you and hear your side of the story. We thoroughly investigate the evidence and look for grounds to exclude. If a confession has been made, we scrutinize the circumstances for a means to throw it out. At trial we are vigilant to protect your right to a fair trial and strenuously object to any government tricks and ploys. We endeavor to present your side of the picture in a compelling manner to obtain acquittal.

We urge you to contact a bank fraud defense attorney at the firm for a confidential case evaluation.

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