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Transportation of Drugs

Gainesville Drug Crimes Lawyer

A big part of the illegal drug trade is the movement of actual product within a state, from state to state, and across international borders. These actions constitute the illegal action of drug transportation, and can bring with them serious felony criminal charges.

If you are convicted of drug transportation, you can be ensured of very large fines and long prison sentences. Police want to make sure that drug transportation lines are interrupted and will work swiftly and tenaciously for these kinds of arrests. To allow for protection of your legal rights and the ability to present a strong defense to these charges, contact a Gainesville drug crimes attorney as soon as possible.

Drug transportation laws exist both at the state and federal level, and a knowledgeable attorney can help you better understand the nature, severity and consequences surrounding these charges. With a plethora of highways, waterways, access to both the Atlantic ocean and Gulf of Mexico, and many international airports in Florida, there also exists many an opportunity for illegal drug transportation. As statistics of illegal drug activity climb, law enforcement will crack down even harder on potential offenders.

Drug Crimes Attorney in Gainesville

Being arrested on drug transportation charges will put your freedom and future at grave risk. Kinsell Law Firm has an intimate knowledge of drug laws and the techniques that both police and prosecution will employ to mount a case against you. We can use our extensive experience and know-how to ensure that all possible avenues are pursued in your defense. Our goal is the lessening or elimination of your prison sentence and to allow you to enjoy the possibilities that your future holds.

With over 20 years of success, you can be sure that our team can put up a strong defense against the drug charges you are facing. Contact a Gainesville Drug Crimes Lawyer immediately to begin important work on your case.

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