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Robbery Defense Lawyer in Gainesville

Robbery is defined as the taking of money or property from another while using physical force or fear to intimidate or injure the victim. If a deadly weapon is used then the charge is called an "armed robbery." If the victim suffers injury, then "aggravated robbery" is the charge. Being accused or charged of a robbery in Florida demands immediate action to secure legal counsel from a Gainesville criminal defense attorney.

Frequently, robbery is charged as a felony offense. Serious penalties such as prison sentences over 20 years, as well as heavy fines may be imposed. Anyone facing a robbery charge may or may not have a previous criminal record, but all circumstances add to the severity of the charge.

Collecting evidence and witness testimony are critically important in robbery cases. Police procedures are very exact in how this information is collected. All material must be acquired legally and if not, the charges in your case may be dropped. Kinsell Law Firm may be able to help you or a loved one fight these charges with a proper defense.

Our firm is dedicated to preserving and protecting the rights of our clients. We vigorously pursue every possibility in order to secure a more positive outcome. Skilled and knowledgeable legal representation is essential in defending robbery charges. We are ready to stand by you in a court of law.

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Like any criminal defense case, time is an important factor. The sooner you secure legal counsel, the more time is available to properly review, evaluate and scrutinize all testimony and evidence in your case. Identifying flaws with procedures guiding law enforcement and legal proceedings is an important part in protecting your constitutional rights. Our legal team may be able to help you effectively build a strong defense.

It is your right to have legal representation and a fair trial. If you or a loved one is facing a robbery charge, contact a Gainesville robbery lawyer in our firm today.

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