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DMV Hearings

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Providing Legal Consultations During a DMV Hearing

In the state of Florida when someone is pulled over for a DUI, he or she must submit to a breath or blood test. Because Florida is subject to "implied consent" laws, the driver's license will be suspended automatically for one year if he or she refuses to take a breath or blood test. If the driver's blood test comes back with results of a BAC level 0.08% or higher, their license will be suspended.

Our legal team can assist those who are in danger of losing their license. We may be able to secure a temporary driving permit for our clients and aggressively pursue the protection of your right to drive.

On a temporary driving permit you will be able to drive from to and from school, work, supermarket shopping and your religious affiliation. There is no time restriction on the license in terms of what time of the day or night you are allowed to drive but you may not drive to any additional locations, and anyone found to be doing so will face further charges.

You Are Worth the Investment of a Powerful Defense

An administrative hearing by the DMV must be requested within 10 days of the DUI arrest. Many who decide to represent themselves in a DMV hearing are disappointed by the results. Remember that the employee acting as the judge hears every excuse in the book all day long.

If you walk in with a skilled attorney at your side, you will not only improve your chances of retaining your driving privileges, you will show the judge that you are serious about your license. The knowledgeable attorneys at Kinsell Law Firm, may be able to start assisting you immediately.

Contact a Gainesville DUI attorney today if you believe your license is in jeopardy and need help.

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