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Warrants in Gainesville

A warrant fundamentally means an action or paper that entrusts someone to do something. In the case of a legal warrant this refers to a written order for a court or judge that gives power for the police to make a search, carry out a seizure, or arrest an individual. Warrants are issued for a number of offenses from multiple traffic tickets to a violation of probation.

The worst thing to do is to simply ignore the warrant or fail to take action. If a warrant has been issued then a Gainesville criminal defense attorney should be called without delay. There are many actions that your lawyer can take in this type of circumstance and doing so can avoid much more serious consequences. This is an area of legal practice that Kinsell Law Firm has over 20 years of familiarity and experience with. Defending our clients and protecting their rights is our entire focus.

If one allows a warrant to simply go without a fight they take the risk of further expense and legal problems. It is critical that an attorney has the opportunity to immediately begin defending your case and taking action on the warrant. Rather than be arrested and sit in jail your legal representative can file a "motion to surrender" with the courts. This permits an individual to turn oneself in on the warrant. While being placed under custody could still occur this approach allows a direct conversation with the judge and the courts.

In this instance there are other options to be sought including:

  • Getting a bond set
  • Seeking a dismissal of the allegations or charges
  • Request that you can be "Released on your own Recognition" and avoid going into custody

This is just one of multiple options. The point is to not simply wait to be arrested but to take positive action towards fighting the warrant and charges. They won't simply go away.

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Another approach is to file what is called "a motion to withdraw the capias" (the word "capias" simply means "that you take" in Latin) In this case your lawyer will request that the court withdraw its order. This would be based upon the circumstances for which the order was issued as well as the current state of the underlying issue.

The first step is a thorough review by legal counsel of the warrant and underlying issues. It is critical that you do not let time go by as you could be arrested and placed into custody at any moment.

Contact a Gainesville warrant lawyer immediately for an aggressive legal defender.

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