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Insurance Fraud

"You Are Innocent Until Proven Guilty"

Gainesville Insurance Fraud Lawyer

Insurance Fraud in Florida

Insurance fraud comes in many forms. A group of people stage a car accident so that a car stuffed with claimants may sue on a huge liability policy just purchased. A worker fakes an injury so that he may claim on his employer's workman's compensation policy. A homeowner burns down his house to recover the property insurance.

These are serious offenses with heavy fines, lengthy prison terms and restitution as penalties. If you have been charged, your freedom and reputation are at risk. You can greatly improve the changes for dismissal of charges by contacting a Gainesville white collar crime attorney skilled at insurance fraud defense.

Veteran Insurance Fraud Attorney in Gainesville

We at Kinsell Law Firm serve the Gainesville, Florida area with insurance fraud defense. Our attorneys have over 20 years' experience in defending people charged with crime and are seasoned in insurance fraud defense. We know that you face long terms in prison and so are aggressive and determined in your defense.

We endeavor to provide you with a friendly and comfortable environment and make it a point to keep in regular communication with you for the duration of the case. Most of all we are committed to tireless and aggressive management of your case to give you the best possible chance of a favorable outcome.

Management of the Insurance Fraud Case

After talking with you about the case to learn all we can, we examine the evidence. If the state overstepped the legal procedures in its searches and seizures, we make a motion to suppress the evidence. We also inspect any confessions and move to exclude if your constitutional rights were not respected. At all times we are alert to opportunities to press for dismissal or reduction of charges. When the day of trial arrives, we are ready to make a persuasive presentation for the purpose of your acquittal and exoneration.

Contact a Gainesville insurance fraud lawyer at the firm for effective defense against your insurance fraud charge. 

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