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Federal Crimes

"You Are Innocent Until Proven Guilty"

Gainesville Federal Crime Attorney

Experienced Defense Against Federal Crime Charges in Florida

When you are facing an accusation, charge, investigation or pending conviction, you must seek legal representation from a skilled and knowledgeable Gainesville federal crime lawyer in order to preserve and protect your rights. Federal crimes may or may not be committed on federal property. Some crimes normally fall under state and local jurisdiction, but depending on the circumstances surrounding your case, your crime may be elevated to a federal crime.

If you are facing an investigation at the federal level, schedule a FREE consultation with our Gainesville federal defense attorney now.

What is a Federal Crime?

Any action deemed illegal by the US government is a federal crime. Federal crimes include tax evasion, weapons possession, mail fraud, destruction of mail boxes, counterfeiting, immigration offenses and the list continues. If this appropriately identifies your situation or that of a loved one, it is crucial to immediately request an attorney. Do not say anything to anyone, except to request legal counsel. It is your constitutional right to have representation.

Understanding the Federal Crime Investigation Process

The Federal Bureau of Investigation (FBI) is one of several federal agencies who may investigate your case. They may do so over a long period of time - even years. Once they have what they need, a U.S. Attorney will proceed to file charges. They do not intend to lose. They do everything possible to reach a conviction.

It cannot be stressed enough that having experienced criminal defense representation is vital. A working understanding of federal crimes defense will impact the process from beginning to end. At no point do you want to be insufficiently prepared. Kinsell Law Firm brings a competent team to your defense. Our Gainesville federal crime lawyer can help you fight the allegations and charges targeting you as a criminal. You are presumed innocent until proven guilty. It is up to the prosecution to prove your guilt.

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You need to be prepared throughout the process. It is unwise to assume that because the federal government has not yet charged you and is "only investigating" you, that you are not facing serious and potentially life-altering results.

Once an investigation is concluded, the federal response is decisive and extremely swift. There may be very little time from an arrest to trial. Adequate time and attention to properly monitor the process, review evidence and scrutinize potential problems or flaws with procedures may be instrumental in a favorable outcome.

Contact a Gainesville federal criminal lawyer and get the legal advice you need.

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