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Mortgage Fraud

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Charged with Mortgage Fraud in Gainesville?

Attorney for Mortgage Fraud Cases in Gainesville

Mortgage Fraud is a white collar crime which when found guilty, has harsh punishments, usually including time spent in the federal penitentiary and huge fines. Mortgage Fraud is the intentional actions of dishonestly misleading a financial institution on a loan application in order to obtain financial gain. An example is misrepresenting your income or assets or debt when applying for real estate loans. These cases demand the assistance of a Gainesville white collar crime lawyer with a strong background in defending federal charges.

In many cases, several individuals are involved in this crime including the original buyer, the realtors, mortgage broker, and appraiser. In a majority of cases, the buyer falsifies information to the mortgage company in order to gain the property to later remove the equity, receive the profits and then not pay the mortgage and force the bank to foreclose with the result of the bank in the negative for that investment. In such a case, the buyer is charged with mortgage fraud and could receive up to 30 years in federal prison as a financial institution is the victim of fraud.

If you have been accused of any fraudulent activity involved in mortgages or bank fraud, it is time to contact Kinsell Law Firm to determine the best course of action in defending your case. Our firm knows the intricacies of mortgage fraud and is very familiar with the federal criminal justice system.

In any such case, fast action by your defense attorney is crucial. Our team of skilled attorneys will immediately get into action in seeking out opportunities to defend you. If you are asked to engage in an interview with the FBI or other government agency, you need to advise them to contact your lawyer - never answer questions from investigators without an attorney present to protect your rights, even if you have not yet been arrested and charged with a crime. We urge you to contact our legal team at once if you are accused of mortgage fraud.

Contact a Gainesville mortgage fraud defense lawyer at Kinsell Law Firm with no further delay. We offer free consultations!

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