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Gainesville Bribery Defense Lawyer

Charged with Bribery?

Under Florida law, bribery is the offering, promising or agreeing to an exchange of money, goods or services to a public official to influence his performance of his duties. This can involve a police officer, a judge, a zoning official or a city councilperson. It applies to both the person proposing the bribe and the person accepting it.

It is a second degree felony in the state of Florida and carries a potential 15 year prison sentence along with heavy fines. Your freedom and reputation are at stake. You may greatly increase your chances of a favorable outcome by contacting a Gainesville white collar crime attorney experienced in bribery defense.

Defending Bribery Charges in Gainesville

At Kinsell Law Firm, we help persons charged with bribery in the Gainesville, Florida area. We know what you are facing and take our duty of aggressive advocacy seriously. Our attorneys have over 15 years' experience in criminal defense and are well practiced in successful bribery defense. We know the stress you are going through so we make it point to help you through the process. We endeavor to maintain friendly and respectful environment and to keep in close communication with you throughout the case.

How We Represent You

After getting to know you and learning about your case, we work to educate ourselves in all the evidence of the case. We examine the case against you and look for vulnerable parts. We zealously move to exclude evidence obtained from illegal searches and seizures.

If there is a confession, we probe the circumstances for grounds to throw it out. At all times in the process, we are alert to opportunities to press for dismissal or reduction of charges. At trial we relentlessly oppose state attempts to prejudice the jury and energetically present your case with a view to your exoneration.

We urge you to get the process moving by contacting the firm for a confidential case evaluation.

Contact a Gainesville bribery defense lawyer at the firm for help with your case.

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