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Charges Dropped in Gainesville Sex Assault Case

The charges against a thirty-year-old Waldo man who was arrested August 29 on charges of sexual assault and battery were dropped. According to the Aluchua County court records, the charges were dropped because the "facts do not constitute a criminal offense".

The accused man, Chadrick Satrell Robinson, was charged after a 31-year-old woman claimed that Robinson picked her up and forced her into a sex act. Robinson admitted to giving her a ride even though he did not know her, but said that he told her to leave the car when she asked him for money.

The Gainesville Police Department employs a proactive approach in monitoring sexual offenders and predators, warning neighborhood occupants and letting residents monitor address changes of sexual offenders. Need a lawyer for a sexual assault case in Gainesville? We can help you build a strong and effective defense against your charges.

If you are facing charges for a type of sex crime, we highly recommend that you contact a sex crime defense lawyer. Being accused of a sex crime means you must face the possibility of potential lifetime requirement of registering as a sex offender.