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"You Are Innocent Until Proven Guilty"

Ocala Criminal Defense Lawyer

Getting the Legal Help you need for a Criminal Defense Case

When under criminal charges it is quite normal to simply want to run or avoid taking action. It is rarely clear what to do or where to turn. The extreme stress and the very real threat to your future can make it difficult to decide upon a clear and correct path. There will seldom be a more important or critical time in one's life to seek solid support and advice.

Nothing in our lives or education prepares us for moments such as these. That is why it is so important that immediate legal representation and counsel be sought from an Ocala criminal defense attorney with long experience in successfully defending serious criminal charges. The more time intervenes the more your choices can be limited and it is critical that one act quickly in calling an attorney.

The Areas of our Legal Practice

At Kinsell Law Firm, we have over a decade in good, solid experience defending our clients against a wide range of criminal charges. Our areas of practice include:

As stated above time is very much of the essence and it is important that you act quickly in meeting with your prospective legal team. Our initial consultations are open to you and you have nothing to lose by giving us a call.

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We are very familiar with the defense of criminal charges. Whether it is the initial handling of a warrant, the negotiating of a dismissal or fighting your cause in the courtroom we have been there. The outcome of a criminal charge is never predetermined and even if convicted the game does not stop there. How your case is tried or settled can have significant bearing upon the penalties or jail time administered. We will work to get charges dismissed, to avoid trial if that is in your best interests and can work to negotiate reduced sentencing or fines. Just because you have been charged does not mean that the outcome is predetermined, this is only the beginning.

Contact an Ocala Criminal Defense Lawyer for an aggressive fight against your charges.

You Need An Experienced Attorney On Your Side

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