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When a person faces criminal charges, he or she must immediately seek the resources of a skilled criminal defense attorney. Without this type of help, the defendant will most likely face the harsh ramifications of the legal justice system, from personal consequences to repercussions within the community. Obtaining the help of a practiced and effective Gainesville criminal defense lawyer will prove to be one of the most beneficial decisions that you make, as a defendant, during the entire criminal process.

At Kinsell Law Firm, the legal team intimately understands the process of a criminal case. We strive to provide high quality and personalized legal representation for all clients. When working with a member of our firm, you can rest assured that your case will only be handled by a partner at the firm, not an associate or a secretary that is not fully informed on your case and incapable of making important legal decisions for your case.

Furthermore, our Gainesville criminal defense and DUI defense law firm has been recognized for our ability to keep high comfort levels for all clients. We understand that this will be a difficult time in your life and you will want to feel comfortable with the hands that you are putting your future in.

Working With Our Legal Team

When clients meet with us for their free and confidential case evaluation, many instantly note how comfortable they feel in our office and with the partners at our firm. At our firm, we put your best interests as our first and foremost importance. We strive to give this type of personal representation with tailor-made solutions for each clients – because we know that your case will be different than any other case.

At our office, the legal team practices in a variety of areas of criminal defense, including the defense of the theft crimes of burglary, carjacking, fraud, armed robbery, robbery, and shoplifting, the defense of violent crimes such as domestic violence, manslaughter, and murder, and other offenses of drug crimes, DUI, counterfeiting, sex crimes and white collar crimes. We also provide services for criminal appeals and expungement, most commonly used for juvenile cases.

To learn more about any of our attorneys, please click on a picture below and contact a Gainesville criminal defense attorney at our office for a free consultation!

Miles Kinsell
Miles Kinsell

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