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Gainesville Criminal Defense Attorney

Protect Yourself with the Right Criminal Lawyer

When making the decision to hire a criminal defense lawyer, several things must always be kept in mind. It is better to involve legal representation sooner, rather than later. Should you choose to work with an inexperienced firm or a public defender, you may get exactly what you pay for. With their time spread thin and their experience at a minimum, you risk facing serious consequences when using their services.

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Our legal team, on the other hand, has vast experience and seasoned advice to offer all of our clients. We work with you to find a reasonable and aggressive solution to your case, and it does not stop there. We will always protect your rights, in and out of court, and we will work day in and day out until we know that we have a competent and compassionate argument on our side.

Why hire us? Ask our former clients!

One way to quickly learn about a firm is to read reviews from other clients who have hired the firm. It is one thing for us to tell you that we are confident in our abilities to be your legal advocate, but it is another to read first-hand accounts of our quality representation. Here are some short excerpts of recent client testimonials:

  • "Mr. Kinsell just finished my case where he successfully had 5 felony charges against me dropped."
  • "Mr. Kinsell was professional and knowledgeable."
  • "Miles Kinsell is the 'Best Defense Attorney in Gainesville'."
  • "Miles Kinsell is THE criminal attorney to have represent you."
  • "I would highly recommend Mr. Kinsell for all of your traffic and criminal defense needs."

Find Your Criminal Defense Lawyer in Gainesville

When accused of a crime, it is crucial that you act quickly and contact a Gainesville criminal defense lawyer. At Kinsell, Zadel & Whitaker, our legal team has defended countless individuals facing serious criminal charges with great success. We are determined to protect and preserve your individual rights. The defense for any serious criminal charge begins at the moment of the arrest, and our legal team is ready to act now. We offer a free initial consultation and urge you to take full advantage of this opportunity. The partners at our firm handle every case themselves; your future and freedom will never be in the hands of an associate or paralegal.

Types of Criminal Cases We Handle

​Additionally, our law firm handles cases involving DUI. If you are being charged with after taking a field sobriety test, breath test or blood test, you will immediately need to utilize the resources of our Gainesville criminal defense attorney. We have handled dozens of DUI cases, including:

Aggressive Defense When You Need it Most

In any criminal case, once a charge is filed against you, it indicates that the prosecutor believes they have enough evidence to convict you in court. The first action that must take place is a full review and analysis of all evidence, police reports, witness statements and lab reports. There is an astonishing number of criminal cases in which the evidence against the client is flawed, procedural errors took place, or law enforcement violated the rights of the individual regarding search and seizure or probable cause. After a review of your situation, we will determine what strategy should be employed in our defense of your case. Identifying the errors in the case can lead to a full dismissal of charges if serious procedural errors have taken place.

We energetically defend our clients, and give their cases the full focus and attention needed when criminal accusations are on the table. The criminal justice system is a dangerous place to be caught and if fast action is not taken to defend your case, some felony offenses can lead to years spent in state prison. Our state has the "three strikes law" and for those who have a prior criminal record, you are in serious danger of a long term prison sentence. We understand how important the outcome of the case is to you and your family and take an aggressive approach to defending our clients in court.

Team Up With Kinsell, Zadel & Whitaker For Your Case

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At Kinsell, Zadel & Whitaker, we strive to provide only the highest quality of legal aid to our clients all throughout the Gainesville area. Should you hire us, not only will we help defend your rights, but we will also advocate your freedom. As a seasoned law firm, we can conduct a thorough investigation into your recent charges to determine the best possible defense strategy. Once an innovative and creative defense strategy is mounted, we will then move forward with conducting interviews and interrogations.

Our lawyers believe that treating each and every case individually is the only way to obtain the best possible outcome. Whether you are facing charges of your first DUI or a serious violent crime, our firm is ready to defend you. You will be in trustworthy, professional and reliable hands when working with our firm.

Contact a Gainesville criminal defense lawyer from to protect your rights and fight for your freedom in court.

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