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Are you facing prosecution for counterfeiting in Gainesville?

Counterfeiting involves the forgery of money, documents or products. It is a federal offense that may carry heavy fines and prison sentences up to life depending on the seriousness of the crime. If you are confronting a counterfeiting charge, it is necessary that you obtain competent legal representation. Your choice of attorney is important as not all attorneys have the experience or skill to handle a counterfeiting case. You will be facing the full power of the federal government attorneys who will want to put you in jail for many years. It is vital therefore that you contact a criminal defense lawyer adept in the defense of counterfeiting charges.

You may trust your representation against counterfeiting charges in Gainesville, Florida to our firm, Kinsell Law Firm. Our counterfeiting defense lawyers have more than 15 years of criminal law experience and are veterans in the defense of counterfeiting charges. Knowing the threat to your rights and liberty, we are dedicated to your aggressive defense.

We pride ourselves on:

  • Meticulous trial preparation
  • Strong advocacy
  • Giving you the care and attention you need

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We of course want to meet with you and learn all that you can tell us about what happened. We will then examine the evidence and interview the witnesses. If there have been searches, we will inquire into its legality and move to suppress the evidence obtained if your rights were violated. We will scrutinize any confessions for grounds to exclude. At trial, we will zealously defend your right to a fair trial by objecting to improper evidence and testimony that the government may seek to use against you.

We will also present your witnesses and evidence and make arguments to the jury with the intention of seeking your full exoneration. At all times in the process we will seek opportunities to negotiate for dismissal or reduction of charges. Contact a Gainesville counterfeiting attorney at the firm for a confidential consultation about your case.

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