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If you are under 21 and are facing DUI charges or your son or daughter has been arrested for an underage DUI, you need to seek the legal support of a Gainesville criminal defense attorney immediately. The state of Florida administers harsh penalties to those arrested for a DUI and underage due to the fact that you are not yet considered old enough to drink in the eyes of the law, however, you are tried as an adult if you are over the age of 18. The BAC of a driver over 21 must register at .08 percent in order to be prosecuted. For those under 21, the BAC level required for an arrest is merely .01 percent. This could even be outside the inherent margin of error in a breathalyzer.

There is a lot at stake for those facing an under 21 DUI charge. You cannot risk your son or daughter going into the courtroom without a highly experienced DUI attorney. Your son or daughter may, amongst other penalties, receive a mark on their permanent criminal record which can be viewed by employers, be made to pay hefty fines, lose their ability to drive for a year or more, be made to go to classes and attend AA meetings.

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Although under normal circumstances if you are found to be driving with a BAC of .01 percent and you are under the age of 21, your license will be automatically suspended, if you immediately contact a DUI defense attorney you may be able to retain some of your driving privileges so that you can drive to and from work and other important locations or have the charges dismissed or a not guilty verdict, based on the evidence in the case.

Our firm has over 15 years of experience in handling DUI cases. This experience allows us to offer comprehensive legal assistance to our clients. If you have been convicted of an underage DUI and you need answers, we would be happy to speak with you today. Contact a Gainesville underage DUI attorney today if you or your child has been charged with a DUI and you need help now.

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