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You may have always been a responsible driver and maintained control while drinking. The laws that govern drinking and driving can be extremely strict and the penalties can greatly affect any person convicted for years to come. If you speak with a skilled Gainesville criminal defense attorney from our firm, you will be greatly improving your chances of getting your penalties lessened or dismissed altogether.

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Being charged with a crime – even a first DUI – is dangerous. Often, people do not know what to expect and can make faulty decisions regarding their case due to a lack of understanding of the legal process. You are innocent until proven guilty, and that is how we approach each case.

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Can Kinsell Law Firm help me?

At Kinsell Law Firm, our attorneys have the experience and background in DUI law to help clients through the DUI process while minimizing or eradicating the damage done to their life. DUI attorneys can help you get the answers to any questions you might have.

We have helped clients with the following types of charges:

You only have one chance to choose the right attorney. The attorney you choose to defend your case can make a world of difference in the outcome. A DUI will leave you with a permanent mark on your record, hefty fines, jail time and possibly more. If you put your case into the hands of a qualified attorney you will greatly reduce the chances of receiving those penalties. It is not worth taking chances with your future. If you have been charged with a DUI, call our firm today.

Florida DUI Frequently Asked Questions

Facing DUI charges for the first time can be frightening and also confusing. The process that follows a DUI arrest is complex and you need the help of an experienced DUI lawyer in Gainesville. Our firm offers a free case evaluation so if you have any questions regarding your unique DUI case. To give you a better idea of DUI cases and how they are handled in Florida, we have provided answers to some commonly asked question:

Is it possible to be arrested for a DUI if my BAC was below the legal limit?

You can still be in trouble for driving with a BAC below the legal limit, if your normal faculties are impaired. This means that if your ability to see, hear, walk etc. you may be facing charges.

Will I lose my driving privileges?

The arresting officer may take your driver's license when arresting you for a DUI. You then have 10 days to challenge the suspension and fight to retain your driving privileges. To do so, you need to team up with a lawyer and request an administrative hearing through the DMV. If you fail to do so, yes you may have your license suspended.

Is a DUI a misdemeanor or felony in Florida?

This determination will depend on your specific case. If it is your first DUI conviction, you will most likely be facing a misdemeanor charge. The same generally goes for a second DUI. If you are facing your third DUI conviction or if you caused serious injury or death during the offense, you could be looking at felony charges.

Will I have to serve time in jail?

Being convicted of a DUI may involve some jail time, but this will also depend on the specific elements of your case. The potential jail time could be one day or years depending on the charges you are facing. The more serious the violation, the more likely you will serve significant jail time.

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