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Do you need to appeal your criminal conviction?

If your criminal trial did not go so well, you have a huge incentive to appeal. You may be facing a prison sentence, fines, years of probation and loss of your career and reputation. You may have lost confidence understandably in your trial court attorney. You need to know that success on appeal is largely dependent on the quality of representation you have. You are urged to contact a criminal defense lawyer skilled at appeals. You need to act fast before the time for appeal lapses.

We at Kinsell Law Firm, are dedicated to the defense of our clients on appeal in the Gainesville, Florida area. We are skilled in the preparation of compelling briefs and convincing oral argument to appellate court judges. Our appeals attorneys have more than 15 years of criminal law experience and our record on appeal speaks for itself.

How Our Team Could Help You

We want to meet you and learn from you all that has gone on. As government attorneys are notorious for using tricks and illegal ploys to undermine your right to a fair trial, we order a transcript and examine it for error. Every prejudicial and unfair action by the government provides you with a potential basis for reversal of the trial court conviction. We research the law on each point and detail it in an appellate court brief.

Our intention is for the appellate court judges to easily see the injustice that has occurred and the legal authority for reversal. On the day scheduled for oral argument we appear to drive home the points made in the brief. We also answer questions raised by the judges and counter remarks made by the government attorney. If the appeal is successful, your case is sent back to the trial court for correction. This time we will be there for you at the trial court level to seek your vindication. Contact a Gainesville criminal appeal attorney at the firm for help with your criminal appeal.

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