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Charged with arson in Gainesville?

This is a charge for which you may be sentenced to prison for up to 30 years. With your rights and freedom at stake, your most urgent action after an arrest for this crime is to select an attorney who will give you the strong advocacy you need. You need to know that not all attorneys have the knowledge of the criminal law, experience and courtroom skill to properly defend against an arson charge. You need to make your selection quickly so that your attorney may gather evidence and interview witnesses before memories grow stale. Your attorney also needs to be present if you make any statements to police. You are advised therefore to contact without delay a Gainesville criminal defense lawyer with a track record of effective arson defense.

At Kinsell Law Firm we serve the Gainesville, Florida area with vigilant defense of Arson charges. Our arson defense attorneys have fifteen years of criminal law experience with our proven results speaking for themselves. We are well practiced in the successful defense of arson charges with our attorneys superbly skilled in motions to suppress evidence, jury selection, examination of witnesses and closing arguments to the jury.

How Arson Defense Works

We of course meet with you to learn your side of the case. We then need to educate ourselves in all the evidence and interview witnesses. Where necessary we have laboratory tests done and consult expert witnesses. We scrutinize all police searches and interrogations to assure your constitutional rights were respected and, if not, move to suppress the evidence or statements obtained. At trial we strenuously object to improper evidence or witness testimony offered by the state.

We endeavor to present your witnesses and evidence in the most compelling manner possible. At all times in the prosecution of your defense we are watchful for opportunities to press for dismissal of the case or a reduction of charges. We urge you to contact us now for an interview with a seasoned Arson defense attorney. Contact a Gainesville arson defense attorney now to discuss your case.

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