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Did you know that most employers check to see whether or not potential employees have a criminal record? In today's economy and job market, more and more people are turning to expungement to eradicate their criminal record. After your record is expunged you can truthfully answer "no" to questions regarding your criminal record. If you contact a Gainesvillecriminal defense lawyer you can get any questions you have regarding expungement answered and you may be able to start on the process immediately.

If you have ever been arrested, your record still exists. It does not go away after a certain amount of years like some have been told. Your record is accessible to the general public, your employer, landlord, and potential schools. In order to discover whether or not you are eligible for a record expungement, please speak with an attorney from the firm today.

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A cleared record may be able to help you find a better job and better housing. Even if you were never convicted of a crime, your record could still come up and cause you problems in different areas of your life. If you seal or expunge your records you will no longer legally have to acknowledge that the arrest took place. The average time it takes to expunge your record is about 6 months. In order to experience the benefits of an expunged record as soon as possible, call us today.

If you are tired of having a background check ruin your chances, you don't have to take it anymore. Our experienced attorneys have helped countless clients seal their records and move on with their lives. Wouldn't you like to gain a clean slate and start from scratch? We believe everyone is entitled to living without preconceptions and will do everything in our power to help clients expunge their records. Contact a Gainesville expungement attorney today if you are interested in finding out about expungement.

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