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Many travelers flock to the State of Florida to for the beautiful beaches and endless tourist attractions. Even those who may have consumed a small amount of alcohol could be wrongly arrested for a DUI. Many who feel they are a responsible driver and would never drive in an intoxicated condition find themselves facing the harsh penalties ascribed by Florida DUI law. It is important to acquire the assistance of an experienced DUI attorney that can help you to avoid penalties such as: jail time, hefty fines, a permanent criminal record and loss of driving privileges. Speak with a Gainesville criminal defense attorney today about your case.

If you have been arrested for an out of state DUI, you will likely be facing penalties in both your home state and the state of Florida. Our firm has a strong background in DUI defense and has been handling criminal defense cases for over 15 years. Clients come to us because they know we have a highly successful track record in DUI cases including out of state charges.

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Receiving a DUI may jeopardize your driving privileges in your home state. Florida is a member of the Driver License Compact, which is an association that allows all states to view the register of those charged with DUIs. Florida out of state DUI cases can become complex and it is best to speak with an attorney as soon as possible to avoid penalties in both our home state and the state of Florida. In many cases we have been able to get the charges dropped and reduced but it is important to contact us immediately so that we can evaluate your case. It is possible that the evidence gathered against you was done so illegally or with errors and this must be investigated as soon as possible. Contact a Gainesville out of state DUI attorney immediately if you have been charged with an out of state DUI and would like to avoid penalties.

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